To Venezuela, with love.

 It’s difficult for me to get into the specifics about why I could’t continue to post whilst in Venezuela. The reasons are many, but also so deeply layered that I think it would either bore you at length or I’d confuse myself in trying. For the sake of brevity, Venezuelan politics are complicated. We threw ourselves into Venezuela’s (everyday) upheaval. Our experiences were not unlike what it’s people were struggling with daily within it’s borders, but they were not openly being shared with the outside world and that made it somewhat dangerous to discuss in this forum. Often, if something were being shared, only one side was being represented or there were glaring inaccuracies on the subject. There is/were protests, there is/were rations, there is/was violence, there is incredible disparity between the wealthy and poor, and there is a necessity for the the U.S. dollar, and distaste for U.S. policy that are hard to completely understand or explain.  I know my actual content here is vague, I apologize. At some point, I hope to collect my thoughts enough to share specific stories with more detail, but for now, this is what I’ve got. Here and now, I love the country. Its beautiful, its raw, and its people resilient and kind. I’d much prefer to share the reasons for which you should visit this spectacular place than to dwell on its ever-evolving political and economic stasis. In total, we spent almost two months in Venezuela and had the opportunity to see quite a bit of its magnificence during that time. So sitting here, come full-circle, I’m excited to go back to the beginning.


Back to Reality

  We have crash-landed back rainy in Seattle, Washington. Forgoing our lovely, though mostly hated backpacks, we’ve officially been trying to re-intergrate ourselves back into the realities of living and working in the “big” city.  We’ve been back for sixty-eight days. But who’s counting, right? Returning from this incredible trip has been almost as difficult as figuring out how to take flight in the first place. We’ve come back with an acutely heightened wanderlust, desire to find (new) careers that would make travel possibilities more frequent and more meaningful, and the need to fit back in to silly things like shopping at the supermarket and being stuck in traffic, without loosing our minds. 

  This blog, and my blog, are expected to serve that need for finding sanity, and by extension hopefully translate bits of our lives- both in travel and in food- on to you. To those of you following our travels abroad, we are going to attempt to share our trip from where we stopped writing. We hope you continue to follow, as we take a look back and relish in the incredibleness that was.



“You can’t focus on the hassle, you have to focus on the why. Why are you doing this and what will be the greater gift once you get paws the sacrifices and challenges? (”