El Acuario en Curacao


IMG_2955El Acuario en Curacao

We’ve spent the last few days as tourists in Curacao. We’ve been to the Hato Caves, which are limestone caves above former plantation lands. The caves move upward into the mouton-side, so unlike most caves, they do not get cooler as you go further, they get more and more humid. Though I think the Jewel Caves, in North Dakota, are the best I’ve seen to date, this was an interesting day trip. (http://www.nps.gov/jeca/index.htm) The tour guides have to give the tour in as many languages ad represented by the groups purchasing tickets, so we listened in Spanish, in English, and then in Dutch. As people fascinated with language, this in itself was very enjoyable for us both.
We also went to The Curacao Aquarium. Admittedly, I thought this to be a tourist trap. In some ways it was, but we got to touch Manta Rays, get up close with flamingos, Alex touched and fed a nurse shark, and we watched rescued Patagonian dolphins perform a pretty spectacular show. What the aquarium lacked in size, it made up for in character and the people working there were passionate about sharing their knowledge of the surrounding sea life.
The reef system around these Caribbean islands are shallow ones, and in eminent danger of being destroyed. Many studies are being done along these reefs and in the depths below in attempts to protect them. There is a crawl space for people to get in the middle of this reef aquarium, hence the goofy photo.